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Before there were laser, ultrasound and many other new non-invasive procedures for face lift and cosmetic improvement, surgical facelift was the clear choice when you would want to look 10 years younger. Surgical facelift is also known as Rhytidectomy. The general understanding on how the face lift procedure goes is by going through surgery and making incisions around the hairline area. From these incisions, excess skin is removed from the face and pulled back to tighten up the skin and make it look younger.

Of course, this type of cosmetic procedure meant that a patient should consider the downtime and recovery period. The recovery may take from one to several weeks, but in the name of cosmetic improvement and considering surgical facelift was the high option before, some patients were eager to go through the procedure.

Aging does not only loosen the skin and lose its elasticity; it also loses the tone of muscles and fats. This means a facelift surgery may not be enough to cover the entire face, and additional procedures may be done depending on the case of the patient. For instance, an eyelid surgery may be further required to lift the eyelid skin. Neck lift is also done to lift the neck area, and this is needed to match the lift done on the face. Brow lift, forehead lift, liposuction and implants are only a few of the procedures that are packaged together to make an overall cosmetic improvement and make the patient look 10 years younger.

Let’s take a look at these blogs and reviews from Singapore beauty experts and what they have to share about surgical facelift.

1. Singapore women gain confidence after plastic surgery by Kimberly Lim

Kimberly Lim shared two stories of women who underwent plastic surgery – Mrs. Kennedy, and the other who only goes by the name Sophia.

Mrs. Kennedy, as a kid, had plump structure which made her reach 68kg at her heaviest weight. She was always teased about her weight which pushed her to go on diets and lose more than 20kg in eight years, where she reached 46kg at her lightest weight. Even then, she was unhappy with the look of her neck, face and tummy. She wanted to do more to remove that extra skin.

Mrs. Kennedy had a double eyelid surgery which means a surgical facelift was not a new thing to her. She underwent several procedures, namely: rhinoplasty, endoforhead lifting, face suction, jaw reduction and chin surgery. After three months, she shared the results and was happy about it. According to her, she still had her original self in there, only better because of the improvements made by surgery.

Mrs. Kennedy: before and after procedures comparison.

The other story was about a bride-to-be Sophia who is scheduled to be married in one month. Sophia shared that she had always looked at surgical facelift and plastic surgery openly, but what pushed her to finally do it is her wedding. She thinks that surgical cosmetic procedures are of great help to men and women to achieve their ideal looks.

Sophia before and after the procedure comparison

Sophia underwent several procedures, namely: rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, endoforhead lifting and face suction with thread lifts. Sophia shared that during recovery and downtime, she admits that she needed to boost her own confidence and trust in her doctors.

Releasing the post surgical results three months later, Sophia was happy to share her look. She shared that she had once felt insecure about her looks, but the procedures made her feel more confident and she wakes up every day feeling better about herself.

Take a look at the before and after photos shared by the two ladies and the improvements made on them.

You can read more about their experiences in Kimberly Lim’s blog article here.

2. My mom took years off her face with a face Threadlift by Emily Tan

Emily Tan lovingly shared that her mother had a natural beauty that does need make up for enhancement. However, aging caused natural sagging of the skin in the face making her mother look years older. When her mom finally agreed to do something about it, Emily was happy to accompany her to a consultation and see what sort of procedures she needed to lift her skin.

Measurements are made where the lifting will be focused

Emily’s mother was recommended to have facial threadlift and fillers. Facial threadlift is a mildly invasive, minor surgical procedure that involves threading the skin to pull it up and tighten it. It’s not exactly like the cutting and opening that is involved in surgical facelift but because of the threading, numbing cream had to be applied and she was expected to have a downtime after the procedures.

A mildly invasive aesthetic procedure which involves threading of the skin

On the other hand, fillers are injectables that are injected in soft tissues to fill in facial wrinkles and lose skin. The two procedures done to Emily’s mom and she experienced only one day of downtime. After the recovery, Emily was happy to share the new look of her mom. At 55 years, she looked so much younger in her photo after the procedures.

The result: Emily’s mom looked years younger

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3. Is the rising trend of Singapore women seeking cosmetic surgery leading to botched results? by Cheah Ui-Hoon

This article does not necessarily talk about a surgical facelift experience, but rather about general knowledge on the cosmetic procedure and how for some experts, this method is still the better choice even with the downtime and recovery phase.

With the rise of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, the surgical facelift department has taken a jab on the amount of patients seen to choose this type of procedure. More and more younger people are choosing the non-invasive cosmetic procedures, even going out of the country to have the procedure done on other Asian countries that offer cheaper prices.

Are these procedures better?

Cheah has shared a collected list of what’s good and what’s not good about non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and why surgical facelift and cosmetic surgery is still the safest bet.

Surgeons said that nose jobs, fat transfer and eyelid surgeries are still the safest procedures with faster and more predictable results. Artificial fillers can cause lumps and infection if not administered properly. Other non-invasive procedures can also potentially interfere in the detection of lumps and even early detection of cancer. Overall, cosmetic procedures can potentially interfere with important medical detections and procedures.

You can read more about Cheah Ui-Hoon’s blog article here.

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