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Hi everyone, my name is Cindy Jiang, I am a Certified Eyebrow Specialist who recently got my Thermage® FLX treatment done at Artisan Clinic. My treatment was administered by Dr Roy Soo and I am going to share my experience with you in this review. 

As an eyebrow specialist, one thing I know for a fact is that the eyes play a big role in your signs of ageing. The eyes are the first part of your face to show signs of ageing. In my profession, I have perfected the art of eyebrow sculpting so that my patients can enjoy a more youthful and confident look. However, I also had concerns about my own eye area myself, but simply didn’t know who to trust. I also didn’t know which type of treatment suited me.

Some of the issues I faced were droopy eyes, fine lines, and hollow eyes. I spend a lot of time squinting in my profession, and that has caused some fine lines to develop around my eyes. I am also always on the go, for many years I was sleep deprived trying to build my career. This also took a toll on my skin. 

After asking some friends and researching myself, I was recommended to head to Artisan Clinic. I read many positive reviews about them and learnt that they are qualified professionals when it comes to aesthetic beauty procedures. I called the clinic and requested a consultation, I also told them that I am not sure about which treatment to go for, and I am looking for their expert advice. 

On the day of the consultation, I was introduced to Doctor Roy Soo. He examined my eye area and asked me questions like:

“Would you prefer invasive or non-invasive procedures?”
“How fast of a result do you want?”
“Do you want immediate effects, or are you patient enough to wait for gradual improvement?”
“Can you take a break from work or do you prefer minimal downtime?”

I was actually quite shocked because I realised I haven’t thought about many of these things. Eventually, I decided that I want to improve my skin condition, not just better my skin superficially. I was also willing to wait to see improvement. One thing I was certain about is I cannot take a long break from my work. So invasive surgery is definitely not an option for me. 

Given my requirements and concerns, Dr Roy Soo suggested the Thermage® FLX treatment. He patiently explained the scientific mechanism of this treatment and how it will take up to 6 months for the full results. I was actually quite satisfied to learn that the treatment works at improving collagen as I myself, have consumed many supplements to help my collagen production. 

Before finalising and booking the treatment, they made sure I was suitable for the treatment first. So for everyone reading, this treatment is not advisable if you are sensitive to heat, have skin conditions like eczema, pregnant women, or if you have other procedures done on your face like chemical peeling. These are the conditions I remember but feel free to contact them to double-check. 

On the day of my appointment, they applied some numbing cream to my skin. I was a little worried that the procedure will burn my skin or I will feel too much pain. Thankfully I didn't feel anything at all!  I can explain the sensation as a “tugging”. So I felt my skin being pulled a bit but that’s about it. The treatment ended within 45 minutes. I didn’t expect to see any difference in all honesty but look at the before and after: 

Thermage® FLX treatment results
Before and after Thermage® FLX treatment.

There was no redness, no burns, and not even the slightest pain after my treatment. My skin felt a bit tight but I found it very satisfying because to me it was just proving the treatment worked. It’s been a week now since my treatment, my eyes are more “sultry”, so many of my clients also pointed out how much more “radiant” I looked. 

I am very satisfied with my outcome. I was given the option to come back for my next treatment in 2 years to maintain my results. I am however keen to get it done in a year, but we shall see how it goes. I will 100% recommend this treatment, Dr Roy Soo, and Artisan Clinic. I love their professional approach, their in-depth knowledge, patience, and how much they prioritise customer satisfaction. It was worth every dollar I invested. I hope this review helped you and if you have any questions, you can just DM me on my Instagram

You can watch what the procedure was like for me on my Instagram story highlights


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