Why Potenza is My New Favourite Aesthetic Treatment: My Experience with Dr. Isaac Wong

As a working mother with 3 kids, my schedule is full on packed. But I always make sure to squeeze in whatever 'me' time I have with my aesthetic doctor, Dr. Isaac Wong. He's my go-to guy every time I'm in need for some pampering for my skin. In the past, I’ve tried Picosure and Tempsure which gave me fantastic results. But recently, I was introduced to Potenza by Dr. Isaac and I’m really loving it so far! 

Potenza is the world’s first radiofrequency microneedling treatment that comes with four different radiofrequency modes, all in a single handpiece. That is to say — its needles come in different densities and depths to target an array of skin problems on all skin types; its flexibility allows the doctor to customise a treatment mode entirely just for you. For me, I wanted to try out Potenza to reduce my pores and blemishes and for overall skin rejuvenation. 


I’m so far 3 sessions in with Potenza and my pores are definitely smaller. I’ve also noticed that the skin on my face and neck (I did Potenza on my neck too) are a lot thicker and supple — less wrinkly, loose and ‘saggy looking’, if you will. To everyone out there: it’s important not to neglect your neck as neck skin like facial skin can show signs of ageing too! 

Compared to other anti-ageing aesthetic treatments I’ve done in the past, Potenza appears to show results a lot faster. According to Dr. Isaac, it’s partly thanks to a feature exclusive only to Potenza known as Fusion Tip. Apparently, Fusion Tip allows for 67% more penetration of topicals. Think all the good super skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin C! With this feature, I’d imagine that you can treat conditions like Melasma, dry skin and wrinkles effortlessly. 


Comfort wise, I would say the treatment is pretty pleasant and comfortable — not painful at all due to the numbing cream Dr. Isaac applies before the procedure. It also helps that Dr. Isaac and his team of friendly nurses are super warm and accommodating! If anyone’s on the fence about Potenza, I recommend it. The Artisan Clinic is also the first and only aesthetic clinic in Singapore to carry Potenza due to Dr. Isaac’s close relations with Cynosure, the company behind Potenza. 

Thank you Dr. Isaac for never disappointing!


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